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Fasipol, crisis-proof polyurethane

The Sorbara-based company, working in the plastics sector, challenges the recession with patents and new projects.

«From 1974 to today, we have produced items mainly as external commissions. In the future, as well as satisfying our clients’ needs, we would also like to be known for autonomous design and production».
The change of pace for Fasipol, the Sorbara-based company that specialises in the moulding of polyurethanes, is reflected in the words of founder Erio Sacchetti and clearly demonstrated with the “Design for safety” programme.
«It is our anti-crisis recipe», confirms Sacchetti, «our response to so-called market and product innovation».
The project is developed in two phases. The first involves the designing of products aimed at improving road safety. «Fasipol’s technical office, led by Roberto Reggiani, has patented Polsafe», explains Sacchetti, «a system to protect the metallic elements at the rear of guardrails. To have an idea of its application, consider the San Pancrazio cycle and pedestrian path. The cycle path, recently highlighted by the media for its dangerousness, has been improved thanks to our polyurethane protections. The Polsafe protection system, covering the sharp parts of the rear of guardrails, reduces and softens the impact when a cyclist or pedestrian suffers an accidental collision».

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This polyurethane was designed to produce the external components of cars such as bumpers, radiator grills and mudguards. It stands out for being extremely resistant to breakage, heat resistant and for the quality of its surface.

Typical properties of the polymer Properties refer to a 3.0 mm-thick plate.
Units Values Tests carried out
Density Kg/m3 1.050-1.100 DIN 53479
Hardness Shore AD 58 – 61 ISO 868
Elastic strength mMPa 20 -26 DIN 53504
Extension % 180 – 200 DIN 53504
Tear resistance N/mm 120 – 130 DIN 53515
Buckling resistance MPa 20 – 25 UNI EN ISO 178
Buckling modulus MPa 580 – 620 UNI EN ISO 178
Heat resistance (120° 1h 100mm over hang)
mm 2.2 – 2.5 ASTM D 3769